Biggest dicks on the internet (possibly the world). These guys put even the pornstars to shame, in chronological order.

1. Bigdicknickb - English amateur

2. Aarontheroux - English Amateur

3. Dominateme - Swedish amateur (he has to sit back just to fit his shit on camera. It literally goes beyond the cam lol)

4. Pirapus - Swedish amateur

5. Swedish Horse - Name is self explanatory, he’s Swedish.

6. Quatum_boy - English amateur

7. Thesaxon - Another Englishmen (wtf are you guys putting in the water and with all these monsters why aren’t there more English pornstars!)

8. Anon99 - English

9. Hornyuklad - English

10. XXLUk - English amateur from has one of the fattest dongs ive ever seen!

There are many left out, but because of tumblr’s ten picture limit i guess you all just have to wait for part 2!

Ha and i guess the amount of Swedes & English hung guys in the post should be a lesson to anyone who believed people in colder countries have smaller pricks. I guess we can file that as not true.

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